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“I found Insight to be a very valuable tool. It helped identify disconnects between different departments within my utility.  One of the most valuable facets of Insight was the drill down ability which created understanding of answer distribution. Using this, I can strategically focus on different sectors of my utility.”

Tom Taggart
Director of Public Services
San Marcos, TX

“The different views that Insight offers are really valuable. I was able to look at the data from a financial, organizational, and technology standpoint.”

Darrell Caraway
City of Ruston
Public Utility Manager

“The outstanding capability, flexibility, and efficiency of the NeuraTool platform, coupled with the expertise and creativity of the NeuraMetrics’ team, has resulted in a powerful and practical clinical engineering benchmarking tool for our 135+ subscriber hospitals.”

Steve Campbell, Senior Vice President
Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI)

“I found Contact Center Watchdog to be a very valuable tool. It helped identify strengths and weaknesses that allowed us to form strategic impressions for our business planning and its’ drill down capability created an understanding of disconnects between departments, policies and procedures.”

Ken Van Vranken
Vice President, BPO Business Unit
Fujitsu America

“NeuraTool is a great integration of efficient survey data gathering and powerful analytics. After several years of use all around the world, it is a critical part of our business that we can’t do without.”

Dr. Kevin McCormack
DRK Research

“A powerhouse of a product…I intend to use it to absolutely shock our company with its capabilities. It is a force to be reckoned with.”

Jeremy Pettit, PA-C
Director of Corporate Wellness
Park Ridge Hospital

“Utiliworks Consulting is pleased to announce the official launch of ‘Utiliworks Insight’, a web based survey and analysis tool built  in conjunction with our partner Neurametrics. This new product will provide an efficient method for Utilities to  measure and benchmark the performance of their various departments, and highlight the strengths and weakness within  the various areas of operations.  Utilities clients will receive a significant amount of  analytical information from the tool to help them  prioritize and drive improvements . The product  drives significant  value  and insight for all size Utilities, from  the smallest to the largest.”

Dale Pennington, Managing Director
UtiliWorks Consulting, LLC

“We have worked with NeuraMetrics Inc. to customize the use of their survey and analysis methodology in an application that has worked continuously in our system for the past four years.  They have been responsive to our needs, innovative in their suggestions and we have enjoyed working with their people.”

Mike Kalfopoulos
Boston Scientific Corporation

“Using this VMO tool really stream-lined our audit process.”

Florida credit union (>$1 billion)

“NeuraTool is a happy meal for CEO’s”

A Fortune 500 CEO

Our clients have won awards for reducing project risk with NeuraMetrics Analytics™