Finder’s Fees

A Smarter Way to Analyze Your Business

NeuraMetrics Inc is a leader in the development and deployment of dynamic industry and function specific, web based assessments and benchmarking tools. Our specialized platform, NeuraTool, allows companies, industry organizations, consultants and others to efficiently and accurately gather important process, product and behavioral data from employees, customers, suppliers and markets. The analysis engine within NeuraTool then helps to identify key disconnects and gaps critical to business and market performance. This leads to fast resolution of critical performance issues not identified by other systems. Because the data comes from people and processes, organizational behaviors impeding optimum performance are identified. This strong value proposition provides customers with cost effective and accurate prioritization of important business problems otherwise missed.

Our business model allows participation by sales, marketing, engineering, consulting or other professionals in several ways:

Alliance Partnership – A specialized and contracted relationship to use your Subject Matter Expertise to develop unique products on our platform, co-brand and market those products to your clients and benefit through a revenue sharing agreement. You will also have the opportunity to offer your consulting expertise after problems are identified.

Commissioned Business Development – Utilize your and our network of existing contacts / clients to facilitate introductions, conduct sales presentations, demonstrate the platform, qualify opportunities and help close deals. We will build a commission plan specifically for you depending on the level of involvement you desire.

Referrals – Make confidential introductions to us, of qualified individuals and / or businesses in your network. We will facilitate the sales process and provide a referral fee based on the size of the business we secure.

If interested, we invite you to call for more details : (904) 246-9733 or email us at