Case Studies

Learn how we discover problems in an organization

WINOVIA® LLC, is a consulting company that provides customized, sustainable solutions, strategies and training in new product development, quality management and high performance materials.
Their NeuraMetrics assessment involves best practices in Management, Infrastructure, Teams and resources and Metrics.
This New Product Development Assessment tool enables companies to evaluate the effectiveness and long term viability of their existing product development process and identify areas for improvement. It takes into account four major factors – Management, Infrastructure, Teams/Resources and Metrics. These four factors have been established from numerous surveys and studies to be critical to the success and effectiveness of an organization’s new product development process.
Using NeuraTool® to Assess the Effectiveness of Your New Product Development Process

Alpha-Numeric Consulting LLC believes that recent regulatory directives have placed increasing importance on risk management, policies, model inventories, assumption documentation, data integrity, security and change control, developmental evidence, process verification and outcome analysis.  Your current audit program should be comprehensive enough to meet these stringent requirements.

This Case Study is intended to help you understand why Vendor Management and Oversight (VMO) is not only a requirement, but an area of increased focus by auditors and regulatory agencies across all disciplines.  It looks at managing the relationships companies have with their outsourcing partners to ensure that all services are delivered to their customers according to a certain standard of expectations, and that confidential information is safeguarded against unauthorized access or use.
Corporate Vendor Management and Oversight Risk Assessment: Perception versus Reality
Vendor Management & Oversight
Vendor Management Oversight – Assure compliance to regulator VMO standards (banks).
Contact Center
Call Center Operations – Review critical attributes of contact centers vs. industry standards
New Product Development
Product Development – See gaps preventing optimum schedule performance
NERC CIP audit
NERC – Examine Readiness for a North American Electric Reliability Corporation CIP audit
Using our proprietary web platform, NeuraTool™, NeuraMetrics efficiently and accurately conducts web surveys for the purpose of assessing, benchmarking and analyzing a large population to accurately understand an organization’s “current reality” and drive change:

  • Measure and analyze behaviors and other performance attributes to baseline and measure change
  • Compare response data to best practices and standards to identify gaps
  • Provide a rich graphical display and statistical analysis of response data
  • Apply easy to configure and unlimited demographic sorts
  • Identification of “quick fix” actions and longer term strategic changes
With proven products, NeuraMetrics provides a full service, turnkey platform for all online surveys, assessments, audits and benchmarking needs for the business community.We help to design and deploy the following families of Performance Intelligence™:

  • Business Assessments, Audits & Analysis with “real time” statistics
  • High Powered Surveys that Analyze research with stats gathered by NeuraTool™
  • Benchmarking & Drip Intelligence that makes Performance Intelligence™ available 24/7 for operations management
  • Corporate and Functional Profilers
  • Corporate and Functional Strategy Screeners

We will help you design your assessment and teach you how to read the results.